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Maku Zoku est un dessinateur et illustrateur français aux influences occidentales et japonaises.En plus de travailler sur ses différents projets de B.d ,il a notamment été assistant dessinateur sur la version manga des Mystérieuses Cités d'or de 2011 à 2013(édition Kazé).
Autodidacte ,il est aussi passé par l'école Lignes & Formations,qui propose des études à distances. Il travaille actuellement sur de nombreux projets de B.d en vue de l'édition et de la diffusion sur internet.
Maku Zoku is an artist & illustrator living in France.His influences are manga & and also western comics.In addition to working on his many projects,he worked as assistant on the manga version of "Mysterious cities of Gold" (Kaze edition) from 2011 to 2013.
Self-taught artist,he also studied at "Lignes & Formations" school,which proposes studies by correspondence. He's actually working on many projects.

Twitter : :icontwitterplz:!/MakuZoku
Personnal FB : :iconfacebooklikeplz:… (only if you know me)
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Bonjour à tous , et bonne année 2014, en éspérant que celle ci soit inspiré :D Je parle à vous les artistes,vous savez que c'pas toujours facile :P Et sinon la santé ,etc ,tout le tintouin (j'aurais plutôt envie de dire le moral ,parcque ça va être de pire en pire niveau liberté d'expression :D )
Bon sinon à part ça ,on va récapituler un peu la situation: depuis 2011 ,je bossais sur le manga les Mystérieuses Cités d'or,et j'en ai assez parlé ,si vous n'avez pas suivi,voici ce qui a été publié…… .
Cette activité à la fois enrichissante et chronophage est désormais fini pour moi,et c'est une bonne chose car me voici à nouveau en train de bosser sur mes projets persos :D 
En ce moment je suis sur Hold Up ,pour un magazine,vous en saurez plus bientôt,et les nouveaux épisodes de Mugen City sont quelques choses que je sortirais poncutellement & régulièrement sur D.a,une foule d'histoire est déjà écrite :) 
Il se peut aussi que quelques surprises débarquent au long de l'année, mais chut :P 
Les commissions (illustrations payés) sont aussi quelques chose qui va peut être refaire surface, mais sans changements dans leur fonctionnement (je n'accepterais que les commissions qui m'intéressent ! :) ) Le mieux à faire est d'envoyer un Mp ou de laisser un commentaire si vous voulez plus d'infos. 
En bref, 2014 sera plus prolifique que 2013,et ça ,c'est bien :D 
Vu que je suis pas très fort en long discours,je vous laisse là ,à plus ! 

Hi there ! Best wishes for 2014 to everyone ,i wish you a lot of inspiration :D 
Now let me tell you something,since i 'm not giving a lot of news ^^; Since 2011 ,i was working on "Mysterious Cities of Gold" official manga, and you probably know it.If you don't ,here is what we released last years……
I'm not working anymore on this serie ,and this is a good point ,since i can work again on my personnal projects :D 
Actually i'm working on "Hold Up" for a french mag ,more news are coming soon. I'm planning to translate the Mugen City episodes for english speakers… and a lot of new episodes are already written and are coming :D 
Also,maybe some "surprises" are coming ,but shh :3 
Commissions are something that will shows up again ,but nothing gonna change (i only draw commissions if i'm interested by it ). Leave a comment,or send a Mp if you have any questions :D 
Well,2014 will be more prolific than 2013 ,no problem about that :P 
Thanks to every new watchers and for taking a look to my stuff ,cheers ! :3 

                                                                                  Max (Zoku :D

  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Lot of stuff
  • Reading: Gustave Moreau book
  • Watching: A censored humorist
  • Playing: Skyrim +Rayman Legends
  • Eating: Peoples
  • Drinking: Coffee :3


Wandering island fanart by MaKuZoKu
Wandering island fanart
Hi there :D
These last month,i remembered why i choosed to draw mangas,and not comic books,or classic european "bande-dessinée"
(franco-belgian strips) many years ago.Not that i forgot why,but sometimes,you may be in doubt,incertitude is a common ennemy,
and i'm used to that b!Tc#.So,here we are,i knew about Kenji Tsuruta ten years ago,in a little french magazine called Virus Manga(doesn't exist anymore)
,at the time ,the one shot manga "Forget-me-not" was released. I don't know why,but i was always curious about it,and i decided ten years after,to buy
it on the internet.I buy a lot of things on the internet,but in term of mangas,the best thing i did this year, was to buy (almost) every Kenji Tsuruta's
works (and they're not so many).I love his style,his way of drawing candid,smart or playful girls.No,seriously,there is something far away from all the
clichés of Nekketsu shonen kawai desu anime things you see everyday.And it's refreshing,actually it gave me a lot of inspiration.I'm planning to draw a
fanart of Forget-me-not later,but i guess i will spend a lot of time on it,so here is a Wandering Island picture.Actually i bought the japanese edition,and
had to read it online (in english) since it doesn't exist in paper version in english,or french...( I also bought the japanese version of Forget me not since it
looks so much better,lot of artworks in colors,a second cover inside,better paper quality,pages in colors,etc etc...) Woops,sorry,off topic.
Well,Wandering island is about a girl living an awesome (seriously) life in the japanese islands with her cat and her seaplane.One day,her grandfather dies,
she tries to mourn but she can't,and she hears about a urban legend about a mysterious isle that appears and disappears from time to time.
Seriously,i didn't understand the end,i don't even know if there will be a second tome,it's so ... weird,lol. But i like when it's weird :P 
Thanks Kenji Tsuruta,i hope you continue drawing mangas with Mariel Imari as main character,more cats,more sexiness,and more scientific and mysterious stuff :P 

Mugen City episodes (manga to read) :…
Mugen city related illustrations :…
Other projects :………

Sangria comic project :……

Fanarts :…

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:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: Don't use,copy or reproduct,thanks :D
Izumi & Mugen City © Maku Zoku 2005- 2014 

:iconmakuzoku::iconsaysplz: Thanks ,don't forget to leave a comment :P
Izumi 2014 by MaKuZoKu
Izumi 2014
Hello :D
Another Izumi a.k.a the giraffe and ten years after she hasn't changed a bit.Same haircut,same stupid jacket and actually i really enjoy drawing her with my new skills :D Same thing for every Mugen City characters & stuff.
This is her everyday's face.No,she's not sad,she's just looking at the world ,thinkin' "w h a t  t h e  f u c k ?".We all just could agree about that. 
Wanna read Mugen City episodes ? :…

Mugen city related illustrations :…
Other projects :………

Sangria comic project :……

Fanarts :…

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:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: Don't use,copy or reproduct,thanks :D
Izumi & Mugen City © Maku Zoku 2005- 2014 

:iconmakuzoku::iconsaysplz: Thanks ,don't forget to leave a comment :P
LONE WANDERER -Messiah of the wasteland by MaKuZoKu
LONE WANDERER -Messiah of the wasteland
This charming young lady is my lone wanderer from Fallout 3 :D (it's been a long time i want to draw it ) 
She MAY have some drugs problems :P But don't judge her too quickly,actually she's considered as the messiah
of the wasteland (even if she killed innocents people with a baseball bat) :P She purified the waters of post apocalyptic
D.C.After leaving the vault 101,the world outside traumatized her,she came to an abandonned school full of raiders,and
that was her first contact with the real world.After this episode,her path was filled with violence,lies,and hypocrisy.She
decided to take the role of the "good girl",to fight the "good fight" with the brotherhood of steel,but the only thing she
wanted was a badass armor... Her whole fight was just an excuse to kill the most people possible,and loot every weapons,
armor,and drugs she could find...
"Purifiy" the water was the most hypocritical excuse ever to conquer the wasteland,seriously... At this point,don't even write a scenario,people...
I mean come on,who actually cares about the main story in this game ? 
I see it as a simulation of post apocalyptic walk,lol. Just kiddin',the story was okay,at least it's here,since the best part of the game is exploration,imo. 

Note: One idea for Fallout 4 : Don't you think it would be awesome if you could actually see the physical effects of gunfights(wounds,scars,
destroyed clothes etc...) ,and the uses of drugs(look at her face) on the character ? 
Awesome games,i really enjoyed doing this fanart,as i enjoyed playing the games,tell me if you want more Fallout fanarts :) 
Recently i bought both Fallout 3 and New Vegas a second time ,with Goty edition and Ultimate Edition ,this means 9 Dlc with new quests
and lots of "new" things to do (at least for me) :D I'm glad i'm still not done with these games :3 

Note: the explosion is green,which is not logical ,but the whole game has a greenish touch,that add a personnality to it.

Follow on twitter,don't miss a thing :

:iconmakuzoku::iconsaysplz: Thanks ,don't forget to leave a comment :P
NOT DEAD +Works in progress by MaKuZoKu
NOT DEAD +Works in progress
Hi there , long time no see :D 
My screen died on me lately,so i took a little pause from the internet,and worked on a lot of stuff.
The best thing i did lately,from an artistic point of view,is buying japanese paper for mangakas.It is REALLY better than any of the many combination of ink,pen,and papers i used these last years.
I started to learn the ink work in 2008,without internet,and without money to buy my tools,i had to buy and try a lot of differents things and none of them was really satisfying. You can also add the fact that,after working for years on a4 paper,i started to not feel comfortable with it anymore... It's so small,you can't draw anything on that :( I mean,not a full sized character with good details. It's not very useful to draw mangas by the way,if you want to add lot of panels,and details.You get the point.
If you want to draw manga pages,or comics pages,whatever,the best advice i can give is,don't be affraid to spend a little bit more money on professional material,quality has a price and it worth it :)
See you soon,i can't wait to add colors to all the pictures that waited for too much time,and finish this short story,to send it to some publishers (even if the market for french mangas is totally dead in France xD... But all the good artists are on the internet ! ) 

By the way : Lot of you helped me to fix translations mistakes in my last story,i thank you a lot.But to fix all of them will be taking time,i'm not sure if i can do it right now.
Once the finished file is uploaded,you need to go back and fix few little typos and do it all over again and my computer is getting tired ( xD). 
When you're working on a computer,the time you spend to do all these things...well,actually i could draw 15 more pages while this time :O

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voici mon Skype :   fooxx1986

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Je fais un copié collé de ce message j’envois ça aux pros comme aux amateurs

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Et j'aime beaucoup le desing d'Izumi :).
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Fool Emoji-11 (Hurray for you and me) [V1] 
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